Sunday School Classes

Primary Department

Class Age Instructors Location
Nursery 0-4 years Sis. S.Rice Mitchell Hall – Back Level
Beginners 5-6 years Sis. S.Berry Annex – Lower Level, Rm 006
Primary #1 7 years Sis. A.Smith & Sis. A.Higgins Mitchell Hall – Back Level
Primary #2 8-10 years Mother G.Ross & Sis. L.Rollins Mitchell Hall – Main Level
Children’s New Membership 6-12 years Sis. W.Hopkins & Sis. B.Wilson Mitchell Hall – Main Level

Junior Department

Class Age Instructors Location
Junior Class #2 11 years Sis.S.Stephens & Sis.N.Hopkins Annex – Lower Level, Rm 004
Intermediate Class 12-14 years Sis. T. Roberts & Sis. J. Higgins Annex – Lower Level, Rm 005
Senior Class 15-18 years Bro.A.Hardee & Sis. J. Burney Annex – Lower Level, Rm 003

Adult Department

Class Age Instructors Location
Young Adult 16-26 years Deacons A.Hardee & K.Wilson Mitchell Hall -Main Level
Intermediate Adult 26+ years Min. N.Davis & Dea. S.Davis Annex -Main Level, Rm 103
Class#6 26+ years Sis.P.Perry & Sis. M.Blanton Conference Rm – Behind Sanc.
Class#7 26+ years Min. A. Wilson Main Auditorium
Men’s Bible Class 26+ years Pastor J.Hopkins & Min.R.Smartt Annex -Main Level, Rm 104
NewMembership Adults Sis. J.Alexander & Min. C. Rogers Ministers Conference Rm

All Sunday School classes will begin at 9:30 am until 10:30 am. Please come prepared to “experience” the Word, as it comes alive!

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