Greetings!  The photo gallery shown below is provided to highlight our recent visit (January 2019) to the James Robinson Nutrition Center, located in the beautiful mountainous region of Kenscoff, Haiti.

Open Door has been providing support to the James Robinson Nutrition Center for the past few decades.  We were inspired to support the people of this region when we learned of the infant mortality rate, combined with a diminished life expectancy of the children.  In addition to the nutrition center, we also began sponsoring children that they might be able to attend school, and learn to provide better lives for themselves as well as their people. 
While there have been significant improvements, natural disasters and social unrest have also created obstacles to the success of these people.  Nevertheless, we are committed to provide ongoing support, and we pray that we’ll find partners in this ministry that will be equally encouraged to support the nutrition center, or other ministries in the region.
Should you become interested in partnering with us in support of the nutrition center, please contact the church office and leave a message for a member of the Haiti Delegation.  We’ll contact you at the earliest convenience, and may God bless you in your endeavors!
The photos below represent the children that receive benefits from the nutrition center, the nutrition center staff, and members of the Open Door Haiti Delegation.